Johan Bergqvist

Born in 1978 in the small village of Sågmyra in Falun county, Sweden grew up loving film. It all started when he at the age of 6 were allowed to stay up late to see Star Wars (the first one) on Swedish television - it blew his mind.

He was making all kind of minor projects from the age of 12 when he realized he could be making those movies himself untill he turned 18 and his life took another turn. Down by depression he had trouble finding the inspiration or motivation to make any films what so ever. After the battle with depression however, Johan started thinking film again - now as a screenwriter, If you ask him he cannot tell you how many unfinished scripts, and finnished ones, that lay in his desk drawer. Slowly ha started producing his own short film projects that slowly grew in scale and aim, winning prizes at local film festivals, and in 2008 he decided to make this hobby a fulltime thing, so he applied to the acclaimed filmproduction course at the He got in and finnsihed his BA in 2012. In early 2011 the idea of making a feature length film came to life as he became a father, this were to be the beginning of AMBER (I AM MY OWN).



Joel Honeywell

JOEL HONEYWELL is a cinematographer based in London. He has a flavoursome taste for visually distinctive, stimulative images.
Joined the camera department after graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth (formerly Arts Institute at Bournemouth) with a BA (Hons) in Film Production - Cinematography specialisation. Gaining knowledge and experience with 35mm, Super 16mm and digital including Alexa and Red. His tutors included cinematographers Digby Elliot and Witold Stock BSC
Following this, he began to freelance as a Camera Assistant and Lighting technician to get professional on-set experience and expand his technical know-how in the world of cinematography.
Joel has flirted with Production Design / Art Direction, which has allowed him to develop a critical & creative eye to develop an understanding of a wide range of artistic influences. The painters Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Joseph Wright are his strongest influences for lighting.
Joel shoots a variety of projects but is keeping his focus on Fiction / Drama.



Miriam Krogevoll

am a trained costumier and dressmaker, currently based in Bournemouth, on the south-west coast of England.
My name is Miriam Krogevoll and I am a 2011 graduate from The Arts University College at Bournemouth, on the BA (Hons) degree in Costume with performance design.
My favoured areas are female cut and construction as well as fabric sourcing. Although these are my chosen areas I have knowledge and skills in male cut and construction and costume design.
In addition of my training I am familiar with dressmaking after working within the field for some time prior to The Arts University College, as well as being a part of a dressmakers guild in Norway.
I have experience and understanding of working on-set and within a workroom environment, and aspire to work within film and TV.
Having said so, I love making costume for all occations and arenas as my enthusiasm lies within the creation from idea to 3D.



Filip Tegstedt

Writer/Director/Producer of the international film festival hit of 2011 Marianne, born and raised in Östersund, Sweden, now he lives in Malmö where he continues to work on upcomming film projects.



Christoffer Latvala