Trailer_2_subs_IAMMYOWN from Johan Bergkvist on Vimeo.

Formerly known as (I AM MY OWN) "Amber" is a film about an unscrupulous drug dealer without conscience is drifting through the Swedish countryside. When he one day is cornered and forced to run from the law he comes across a baby and decides to use it as a cover to get away.
However he soon realizes that a baby is harder to take care of than he thought, especially when you are on the run. The time he spends taking care of her teaches him for the first time what it means to be responsible for another human being.
In the end, he must choose whether to go back to his old life, or live up to the responsibility he has learned, despite what it might cost him.
I AM MY OWN is the feature film debut by independent writer / director / producer Johan Bergqvist
In festivals 2013. Follow @Amber_movie